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  • the more I grow, the less I know

    the more I grow, the less I know

    I miss the times when I was having strong convictions about almost everything. love, politics, music friendships were born thanks to how much you were into something.

  • moeuf taree

    moeuf taree

    the last 2 weeks I made it to the office before 8. I don’t know who I am anymore. however, becoming a 5 am morning person has consequences. It was 9 am and I was asking for my long black coffee and scrambles eggs with cheese, and crossed one of the three friends I have…

  • Marshmallowed chocolate

    Marshmallowed chocolate

    i dont do sugar. well, i say i dont do sugar. but i do sometimes. just healthy sugar, you know? fructose and this kind of stuff. the one that all the food extremists allows you to do exceptionally. i dont do dating apps. i hate them. but one of the magic things about starting a…