random thoughts

Marshmallowed chocolate

i dont do sugar.

well, i say i dont do sugar. but i do sometimes. just healthy sugar, you know? fructose and this kind of stuff. the one that all the food extremists allows you to do exceptionally.

i dont do dating apps.

i hate them.

but one of the magic things about starting a life from scratch, is that you allow yourself to do things you normally don’t. you can reinvent identities, you can lie, you can be whatever you want to be.

this is probably what sociopaths do. i don’t consider myself a sociopath, for the record. but you know what i mean.

all this to say i went on a date. now that i am in the end of the world, i can try extreme things.

when i met in person the guy, he gave me as a gift a chocolate bar. one called Marvellous creations birthday cake with dairy milk milk chocolate with marshmallows and biscuit pieces.

no commas. i was in shock.

one, because i dont do sugar. second, because this bar was just too much, with all its biscuits and smarties and marshmallows in your face. nothing left to imagination. and third, because are chocolates still a thing? if i have to go all the way down, wouldn’t be more appropriate to know first what kind of chocolate girl am I? is this guy having a kitchen drawer full of these to distribute in his dates? WE JUST MET.

ok-ok, now you are thinking i am mean.

show must go on. sparkling water for me. beer for him.

i lost one hour of my life.

“could i have a second beer”, he asks to the waiter. i am in panic thinking how i can make it trough another beer. through another hour. this dude drinks really slow.

after all, is not because i dont know a lot of people here i have to go through everything. but somehow the pleasing side is always there. you dont want to be rude. you dont want to disappoint.

“are you sure of the second beer”, i asked him. “i think i want to go home”.

we paid. he was annoyed. he asked me what changed to not make it to the second beer. Yep, second beer. not second base.

i kept the chocolate bar. you never know when you could need a sugar trip.

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