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Et toi, quoi de neuf?

he asked me on instagram. Is he serious?, I thought.

Ok, I get it. We are millennials, we have been going through literally everything. nothing surprises us anymore. I moved to the end of the world. We all do it.

whatever. made me think in the newness of things. and there is some magic in this feeling of learning everything for the first time. you are 24/7 wrong in everything you do.

Waking-up: at 5 am. The first night I looked at the window, I hoped it was some hallucination caused by the jet-lag. It was not.

All dressed up, smiling and chatting as I could do at 11h after 5 coffees. Playing with their dogs.

Socializing. looks like a meet-up but it is not. It’s just my neighbors, a Monday 3 of July in their morning routine.

i started making some numbers.

to be ready at 5, it means they go to bed at 9ish. Now I get it. I was SO confused at the Bumble profiles of guys putting in their interest ‘sleeping well’. what kind of interest is “sleeping well”, Jack? you are 27… Maybe you should just aim to get some sleep, I thought.

Jack is interested in sleeping well

then i started to worry.

the countless Thursdays night at Le Rouge finishing at 4, the improvised afterwork drinks of 3 bottles of wine dans le 9eme.

it will be ok, I convince myself. So I went back to bed. I am Spanish after all. We don’t do 5 am.

I overslept.

I went to work: adventure full mode. What an underrated experience if you like to push your limits. And cheaper than hiking in Nepal.

Getting lost between tramways, going north instead of south, Google Maps losing compass. before you make it to office, you are already at 20000 steps.

the weather changed from sunny to extremely windy and cold. they say you have four seasons in one day in Melbourne. How do you dress for four seasons in one day? No NorthFace or Arc’teryx in your closet.

Come on, you are going to office, not to Everest basecamp.

is 11.30. you are just 2h30 minutes late. I can’t stop smiling. nothing makes sense. But I made it to base camp of St Kilda Road. I pushed so much my limits, my limits of patience and decency.

That day, I left earlier. I wasn’t being very productive anyways. I ended up enrolling myself in a driving school. I might get a driving license for the very first time in my life.

Ok Melbourne, not so bad, not so bad. <3

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