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the price of the market

the last two weeks I have been pretty busy doing the price positioning of the products I work with.

looks like a basic exercise, but as everything in life, it can get as complicated as you wish.

you have to consider things like profitability. tiers. competitors. inflation. and people wanting the best paying the least.

there is also the chart about where the product or the brand is positioned.

And made me think about where I am positioned in life.

well, geographically, in Down Under. there is no tier under Australia. Unless you want to literally disappear.

In that case, then you still have Antartic.

if we talk about value, we have 4 zones

low price / low quality.

you know them. they are literally everywhere. conformist people that takes life as it comes day by day without challenging anything.

boring, tasteless and they don’t vibe. you might even wonder if they have a pulse.

the definition of nothingness.

they might say something smart or funny every 10 years. they note that day as the best one of their life.

low price / high quality.

what some people call good value for money.

this one is tricky. in some moments of life, some of your friends might be here. they are just amazing, smart, funny, beautiful and still, in their own mind, they don’t see how valuable they are.

they attract toxic relationships. people who just want their quality. but without paying the true value.

it happened to me as well. Luckily, there is always a friend that reminds you 2 things: 1/ you are high quality and 2/ you shouldn’t be playing in the cheap tier.

people who likes ‘good value for money’ or says ‘it does what it says’ are dangerous. they are cheap in the way they think, feel and live.

and consequently, with time, they will lower us.

high price / low quality.

that’s the definition of disappointment, isn’t it?

the kind of people that take themselves as unique. They normally are self-centred. selfish. they make clear how much effort they are doing by giving you attention.

they are always late, because there is always something popping last minute that is more important than you.

you end up without energy every time you see them. thinking why am I doing this. feeling little. sometimes mad or just wanting to cry.

the kind of relationship where you are always giving too much. And you are receiving too little.

high price – high quality.

that’s the ideal tier. once you have somebody in your life here, you know how hard, rare and unique it is.

it costed you a lot of time and effort to find them. sometimes, it was just a magical coincidence your paths crossed.

you have the full spectrum of emotions, opinions and experiences. extremely sensorial. is an overload of fun, laugh, tears, honesty, and craziness.

no filters. you can’t get enough of them. years pass by, and you are still discovering things about them. they change, as you change, but the core remains the same.

the price is extremely high because of the scarcity.

but when you find them, you just feel relaxed. because you finally know where to invest all your assets.

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