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  • the more I grow, the less I know

    the more I grow, the less I know

    I miss the times when I was having strong convictions about almost everything. love, politics, music friendships were born thanks to how much you were into something.

  • living in the 90s

    living in the 90s

    I heard fashion cycles are around 30 years and now, 90’s are back. but in Melbourne, 90’s are not back. they never left. my 60 years old neighbour has a mullet. night music is about trance. outfits are lumberjacks shirts or head to toe denim. Natalie’s Imbruglia Torn vibe is everywhere. they are not adopting…

  • two months anniversary

    two months anniversary

    without even realising, here it is. two months already. still no furniture. still no solid life here in Melbourne. still not feeling I have a home. last Tuesday they told me my vessel will be later than expected. I opened google maps to see the ridiculous image of my life being stuck in the middle…

  • Et toi, quoi de neuf?

    he asked me on instagram. Is he serious?, I thought. Ok, I get it. We are millennials, we have been going through literally everything. nothing surprises us anymore. I moved to the end of the world. We all do it. whatever. made me think in the newness of things. and there is some magic in…

  • Getting there

    Whatever this means. Everybody is asking me, how are you doing? How is everything? And I always answer the same: Getting there I guess the first month is always the hardest. You land, with your 8 suitcases, so you don’t have enough arms and legs to push everything. Even when you put them in a…