Random thoughts

  • moeuf taree

    the last 2 weeks I made it to the office before 8. I don’t know who I am anymore. however, becoming a 5 am morning person has consequences. It was 9 am and I was asking for my long black coffee and scrambles eggs with cheese, and crossed one of the three friends I have… Read more

  • two months anniversary

    without even realising, here it is. two months already. still no furniture. still no solid life here in Melbourne. still not feeling I have a home. last Tuesday they told me my vessel will be later than expected. I opened google maps to see the ridiculous image of my life being stuck in the middle… Read more

  • the price of the market

    the last two weeks I have been pretty busy doing the price positioning of the products I work with. looks like a basic exercise, but as everything in life, it can get as complicated as you wish. you have to consider things like profitability. tiers. competitors. inflation. and people wanting the best paying the least.… Read more

  • Marshmallowed chocolate

    i dont do sugar. well, i say i dont do sugar. but i do sometimes. just healthy sugar, you know? fructose and this kind of stuff. the one that all the food extremists allows you to do exceptionally. i dont do dating apps. i hate them. but one of the magic things about starting a… Read more

  • Et toi, quoi de neuf?

    he asked me on instagram. Is he serious?, I thought. Ok, I get it. We are millennials, we have been going through literally everything. nothing surprises us anymore. I moved to the end of the world. We all do it. whatever. made me think in the newness of things. and there is some magic in… Read more

  • Getting there

    Whatever this means. Everybody is asking me, how are you doing? How is everything? And I always answer the same: Getting there I guess the first month is always the hardest. You land, with your 8 suitcases, so you don’t have enough arms and legs to push everything. Even when you put them in a… Read more

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