Random thoughts

  • dog days are over

    has always been one of my favourite songs. was not until today that I really embraced it. I was having coffee this morning, in my well arrived french press. 3 spoons of coffee. boiling water. did the mix. poured myself a cup. I realised that dog days are over. turn the klipsch on. put the… Read more

  • my old facebook statuses are embarrassing me

    is it happening to you as well? why we were oversharing like this? “i died laughing last night and i resurrected today” (COME ON!) “i want to roller-skate in the beach” (GOOD FOR YOU, HONEY) “i am so excited to see my friends for our graduation dinner, still can’t believe we will have open bar”.… Read more

  • when is your next dick?

    i mean gig!!! 😮 looool. i guess it has been a while. and subconscious is getting up and my thoughts got mixed up. we laugh so much. i was asking F. how long is considered TOO long. now that it has been two weeks that i am back to normal since i moved, mind and… Read more

  • Unboxing a life

    last Friday I finally received my life. a 30 square meters container. 150 boxes of memories packed 3 months ago. the process is more or less like feeling a scalpel opening your thorax. then a hand start squeezing your heart. open thorax, squeezed heart and frizzy hair. that was me. there is something catharchic about… Read more

  • the more I grow, the less I know

    I miss the times when I was having strong convictions about almost everything. love, politics, music friendships were born thanks to how much you were into something. Read more

  • living in the 90s

    I heard fashion cycles are around 30 years and now, 90’s are back. but in Melbourne, 90’s are not back. they never left. my 60 years old neighbour has a mullet. night music is about trance. outfits are lumberjacks shirts or head to toe denim. Natalie’s Imbruglia Torn vibe is everywhere. they are not adopting… Read more

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