random thoughts

not Ascot, just asco*

this week was hard.

it was a pms one – premenstrual syndrome – which means you struggle MORE than usual.

work was disgusting.

I couldnt make my way. at some point I could only throw some bombs here and there. eventually everywhere.

where there is a will there is a way. and the way was FUEGO.

I might have push too much.

Friday F. asked me if I was in to do something.

‘having a strong PMS- I dont feel myself- I write you tomorrow’

‘it’s also my first day. I bought 80$ worth of food delivery, life is good’

‘we have already sync our periods! – this is good’

‘crazy but it happened’

‘co-star dont manage this – we should do an hybrid of co-star and period tracking’

‘our periods are co-starring’

‘we could be the next thing’

‘honey, we ARE the next thing ‘

I laughed. she always makes me laugh.

I opened the door of the fridge. as you know, I dont do sugar. but these days, I just go all the way.

me not doing sugar

I talked to I. to see how she was doing in Paris. among other things, we came to 2 conclusions.

the first one is that Bad Bunny healed our souls. intellectuals will roll their eyes. but you would never trust your pleasure to an intellectual, right?

the second one was about fashion. and about being superficial. and about being a woman and how we should be responsible with our finance and how we should invest not just in our appearance.

but sometimes you just need a fashion statement. you just need to escape.

fashion in the outside. chaos in the inside.

I also talked to N. She was telling me about her process of freezing eggs. it’s crazy how being a women you need to be ready. ready for everything. ready for the future. ready for the just in case.

she doesnt know yet if she wants kids. she doesnt know if her boyfriend will want kids. she doesn’t know who her boyfriend is.

saturday R. asked me if I was in for a horse race. why not. I always wanted to be in Ascot. and being Australia a British colony, that was it, I thought.

never seen something like this. mullet hair with un-tailored suits. saucer hats with dragon tattoos in the arms. boobs and booze always in sight.

it was not ascot. it was just asco*

sunday we got the results of the referendum. the purpose was to recognise the aborigines in their constitution. result was 60% no.

no to recognise them. no to give them a voice.

so this morning I realised I live in a racist country. I was shocked.

‘I think, therefore I am’, might not be true, dude. Descartes, we have too many people existing without thinking.

*asco, Spanish word to define disgust. strong feeling of dislike

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