random thoughts

it started with botox

‘should we get some botox?, we never tried’.

‘lets ask M, looks she does this kind of stuff’,

‘oh no!, she looks older than us’


we were having some drinks at the Rooftop Bar. we always end up there when we want some fresh air and a non drinking night – that we never manage to have.

we crossed L, who told us he was going downstairs to watch a voguing night.

do you want to join us?, he asked us.

i dont know. is just Sunday.

we declined.

we asked for some nuggets and fries. it was getting cold but we were having the heating close to us.

2 random guys came.

they were attracted to us.

but we guess they were coming for other kind of hot stuff: the heater.

‘are you feeling better?’, she asked me. ‘i think you were quite stressed about the potatoes yesterday’.

‘you know, it has been a while i was not cooking. and I commit to do this tortilla for the party and i just felt overwhelmed’.

i never cook. and i just started a bad trip in my mind about what if my social life would die if my tortilla was bad.

never tried the potatoes where i bought them from. new eggs.

i had to cook the thing in a kitchen that was not mine. and interact with new people at the same time.

cherry on the cake: i had a hairdresser appointment. just before. to cover my greys.

but somehow here the brushing is just an extreme sport. the result is always uncertain.

this extra polish and overdone wavy hair that made me look like FOX TV presenter.

so that was me. a new born red-hair republican desperate housewife.

peeling potatoes. frying potatoes. at somebody’s place. in a hip-hop outfit. speaking English, with spanish accent, trying to have everything under control.

i guess the whole situation just gave me personality disorder.

i was already drunk before even having a single drop of wine.

the tortilla was not good. but aussies are extremely polite so they didnt make the point.

i just need to find a good fromagerie, a good italian epicerie and go back to my famous planches .

i am not a desperate housewife after all. botox, potatoes, brushings, hugs…

i am just a gal figuring out life.

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