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more than just friends

one of our sitcom idols has gone away.

Matthew Perry wanted us to remember him for more than just friends.

more than just friends has been as well the subject around me last week.

L. called me in her way to pick-up a friend at Charles de Gaulle. he was coming from the US. last time they saw each other was 5 years ago in the UK.

she called me 3 hours later:

‘sandy, je lui ai saute dessus’ she told me. (I jumped on him).

all my friends can be dysfunctional sometimes.
but does not mean they are into harassing guys like that.

L. is in a break-up.

and in a break-up everything is fucked-up.

so you just need to go wild with whatever makes you feel alive.

now, she leaps more than she grieves.

the day after I was having a drink with E.

she was telling me how attracted she is to this new friend she has. ten years younger, brown and beautiful.

she went out with him to a party and next thing she remembers is blowing him.

since then, i dont manage to see her as often as before. she has just entered a slutty era.

‘can’t stop, won’t stop’, she told me. i would do the same, i thought.

G. told me she cracked the magic formula. 2 red wines + some jazz = orgasms for all the night.

from my side, I ended up a party completely drunk.

I fell asleep in the sofa. I was moved to an empty bed. I woke up and put myself into somebody’s else bed:

‘i want you to hug me all night’, I said.


a lot of d*** conversation and connection. all together. all at once.

can’t be a coincidence we are all getting crazy at the same time.

either we are all more than just friends.

either we are all affected by something else.

I started researching.

google, why are we all becoming crazy?

and that was it.

I didn’t see it coming.

we are in scorpio season, babes.

the Cut says ‘during this time, scary things happen with regularity. the primary Scorpio characteristics are passion, perceptiveness, and unstoppable determination.’

well, I tend to agree.

the way we act is fucking scaring.

the way we act is with unstoppable determination and passion.

but there is beauty on it.

we are saying yes to release the grip on control.

we are saying yes to surrender to uncontrollable change.

we are saying yes without knowing or understanding what is going on inside us.

we are saying yes to be confused.

and that’s ok.

because we are saying yes to be ourselves.

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