random thoughts

dog days are over

has always been one of my favourite songs.

was not until today that I really embraced it.

I was having coffee this morning, in my well arrived french press. 3 spoons of coffee. boiling water. did the mix. poured myself a cup.

I realised that dog days are over.

turn the klipsch on. put the song. turn the volume to the max.

that was it. it’s official.

dog days are over.

was like an extremely intense happiness feeling. pumping from my stomach to the rest of my body.

when you start dancing. and singing. and smiling.

and you can’t stop yourself.

if you think about it, makes sense. I was in such deep shit, that the bounce back needed to be epic.

there was no other way.

I think I haven’t been this sad in my life since my 15-21 years-old period.

was so deep. so dark. so overwhelming.

and I am experienced in deep dark and overwhelming.

but this one was just too much.

like not now. no-no, not now. i can’t afford it. I am not surrounded yet. is too soon. and I am not gonna make it.

but it’s over. started with small changes. and small comments.

from somebody at work: ‘you look different, more serene’

‘yes, I received my life. changes everything’.

‘I guess I guess’, she said the one that never left Victoria state.

my friends: ‘you sound way better in your 18 minutes podcasts’.

my boss: ‘I am relieved’. looool

one of the last concerts I saw in Paris was Florence and the machine.

Borja, Claudia and Antoine. os pienso mucho <3

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