random thoughts

my old facebook statuses are embarrassing me

is it happening to you as well?

why we were oversharing like this?

“i died laughing last night and i resurrected today” (COME ON!)

“i want to roller-skate in the beach” (GOOD FOR YOU, HONEY)

“i am so excited to see my friends for our graduation dinner, still can’t believe we will have open bar”. (YOU’RE SO CHEAP!)

seriously sandy, WHO CARES?

never thought I was THIS stupid.

but now there is evidence. evidence that facebook reminds you year after year.

in case you thought you were having the right to forget.

why we were doing this to ourselves?

were Facebook statuses a first form of 2.0 journaling?

were we practicing gratefulness before it was even a thing?

i am smiling. i don’t know. i just feel i am living in nostalgia. told you i am in the 90s here, in Melbourne. i can see groups and singers that i thought they were dead.

as Alice Cooper. 50 cent. Albano y Romina. Christina Aguilera.

i remember when we were downloading genie in a bottle at my friend’s place. her mum was yelling at us. she could not use the phone meanwhile we were chatting in irc with strangers.

and what about emails? our 2.0 long form. long form journaling.

yes. emails.

that hotmail account.

with underscores. and numbers. sandy_garcia14.

14 because i was 14 years-old. i guess.

garcia because i used to hate my first family name. and it sounded like andy garcia the actor. born pretentious, i know.

only god knows what we wrote there. well…

i do know. but it deserves another solo show post.

thing is, if i am embarrassed about what I shared more than 10 years ago, what will happen with this blog?

do i master now the digital communication codes? what has changed since?

no idea.

but, like it or not, my early understanding of Facebook statuses got me a community manager job in 2010.

when it was a cool profession. when there was even a Fanta spot in tv:

‘Go to SanFran and specialise in surf, DJ or community manager with the best people’ (last 10 seconds of the ad, here)

mastering Facebook statuses was cool. and i was getting paid for that 2.0 copywriting. couldn’t ask for more.

today, i don’t even have wifi at my place. it has been the case for the last five years. i don’t know.

i do hotspot. and that’s it.

i guess if Fanta would do another cool spot now, it would be ‘go to MondoƱedo and learn how to live without internet, grow your own vegetables and master the art of meditation’.


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