random thoughts

when is your next dick?

i mean gig!!! 😮


i guess it has been a while. and subconscious is getting up and my thoughts got mixed up.

we laugh so much.

i was asking F. how long is considered TOO long.

now that it has been two weeks that i am back to normal since i moved, mind and body are screaming to integrate ordinary stuff.

like jogging. gigs. drinks.

and sex.

most of them are on track.

the last one, is hard.

lots of variables to consider. but now that i am spending most of my time at work in forecasts and market insights, i should be able to forecast my sexual life.

-expected turnover: i know units are important, but we are valorising here. don’t forget i am living in Kenland.

-product availability: high. big part of guys are not monogamous as a philosophy of life… make the numbers.

-parcel delivery: is complicated. when you don’t do dating apps, and you have just started going out a couple weeks ago, the ETA of the parcel might be longer than expected.

-market context: thing is, sex and attraction are VERY different depending where you live. they are influenced by culture, religion, weather or language.

it influences how you dress, how you behave and how you have sex.

and is fascinating.

one of the things i love the most about starting a new life, is that you can activate different parts of your personality.

some parts of yourself were out of use. others were obscure. and new ones come to light.

and same for sexuality.

in Paris boobs are not a thing. when they still have momentum in Madrid.

in New York guys are 100% shaved, when in Paris you’d wish they showered.

in Madrid flirting is animal and intentional, when in New York is polish and superficial.

in Paris they like you when they disregard you.

in Mexico, they grab you and put you against the wall. when in Paris they let you do all the work.

i guess there is not right or wrong. you just match or you clash.

also in this one, as I was saying here, just time will tell what melbourne will be for me. what has to offer.

for now, I’m content with just knowing parcels are on their way. i just hope it won’t take too long.

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