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Unboxing a life

last Friday I finally received my life.

a 30 square meters container. 150 boxes of memories packed 3 months ago.

the process is more or less like feeling a scalpel opening your thorax. then a hand start squeezing your heart.

open thorax, squeezed heart and frizzy hair. that was me.

there is something catharchic about each move. the story of your life is ready to hit you hard.

your old notebooks. your visit cards with all the jobs you had. ex-boyfriend’s stuff. this kind of vibe.

even with the emotions and memories flowing all over the place, the process is extremely powerful.

you realise that we are what we are because we were what we were.

you put things into perspective.

you start remembering all the moves of your life. with your family. with your ex. and by yourself.

none of the jobs i had in the past were easy when I started. and none of the cities I lived in, the beginnings were flat.

it takes time. and how impatient we are with time.

so here it is. last Friday was my three months anniversary.

‘you will feel better now, you will see, you will see’, B. told me.

‘i feel you are all having BIG expectations with having my life back. because with a home, I should be a normal person again. but… what if not? haha ‘, I answered.

I laughed imagining him with a paper bag, hyperventilating, thinking if this is going to be our new normal, how much it really worth to have a friend that lost her mind.

so this is an appreciation post.

to all my dear friends who have been in this 24/7 rollercoaster the last 90 days. thank you.

you were right. i feel way better.

better at work. better at home. better at life overall.

in the last post i was talking about how you have to let go some parts of yourself to let new ones in.

only time will tell what Melbs will do to me. what kind of new things i will try, love or hate.

for now, is not gin with water anymore. is tequila soda, por favor.

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