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  • dog days are over

    dog days are over

    has always been one of my favourite songs. was not until today that I really embraced it. I was having coffee this morning, in my well arrived french press. 3 spoons of coffee. boiling water. did the mix. poured myself a cup. I realised that dog days are over. turn the klipsch on. put the…

  • my old facebook statuses are embarrassing me

    my old facebook statuses are embarrassing me

    is it happening to you as well? why we were oversharing like this? “i died laughing last night and i resurrected today” (COME ON!) “i want to roller-skate in the beach” (GOOD FOR YOU, HONEY) “i am so excited to see my friends for our graduation dinner, still can’t believe we will have open bar”.…

  • when is your next dick?

    when is your next dick?

    i mean gig!!! 😮 looool. i guess it has been a while. and subconscious is getting up and my thoughts got mixed up. we laugh so much. i was asking F. how long is considered TOO long. now that it has been two weeks that i am back to normal since i moved, mind and…

  • Unboxing a life

    Unboxing a life

    last Friday I finally received my life. a 30 square meters container. 150 boxes of memories packed 3 months ago. the process is more or less like feeling a scalpel opening your thorax. then a hand start squeezing your heart. open thorax, squeezed heart and frizzy hair. that was me. there is something catharchic about…

  • the more I grow, the less I know

    the more I grow, the less I know

    I miss the times when I was having strong convictions about almost everything. love, politics, music friendships were born thanks to how much you were into something.

  • living in the 90s

    living in the 90s

    I heard fashion cycles are around 30 years and now, 90’s are back. but in Melbourne, 90’s are not back. they never left. my 60 years old neighbour has a mullet. night music is about trance. outfits are lumberjacks shirts or head to toe denim. Natalie’s Imbruglia Torn vibe is everywhere. they are not adopting…

  • moeuf taree

    moeuf taree

    the last 2 weeks I made it to the office before 8. I don’t know who I am anymore. however, becoming a 5 am morning person has consequences. It was 9 am and I was asking for my long black coffee and scrambles eggs with cheese, and crossed one of the three friends I have…

  • two months anniversary

    two months anniversary

    without even realising, here it is. two months already. still no furniture. still no solid life here in Melbourne. still not feeling I have a home. last Tuesday they told me my vessel will be later than expected. I opened google maps to see the ridiculous image of my life being stuck in the middle…

  • the price of the market

    the price of the market

    the last two weeks I have been pretty busy doing the price positioning of the products I work with. looks like a basic exercise, but as everything in life, it can get as complicated as you wish. you have to consider things like profitability. tiers. competitors. inflation. and people wanting the best paying the least.…

  • Marshmallowed chocolate

    Marshmallowed chocolate

    i dont do sugar. well, i say i dont do sugar. but i do sometimes. just healthy sugar, you know? fructose and this kind of stuff. the one that all the food extremists allows you to do exceptionally. i dont do dating apps. i hate them. but one of the magic things about starting a…