random thoughts

living in the 90s

I heard fashion cycles are around 30 years and now, 90’s are back.

but in Melbourne, 90’s are not back. they never left.

my 60 years old neighbour has a mullet. night music is about trance. outfits are lumberjacks shirts or head to toe denim. Natalie’s Imbruglia Torn vibe is everywhere.

they are not adopting a trend. it’s just that time has not moved yet.

there is magic about it. being in the 90’s gives you hope. it was probably the last decade, as a white european girl, where the world was still ok.

ok- before we realised about our privileges. before economic cracks started. or before terrorism became part of our life and pandemics made us lose our mind.

90’s were the last decade where we could still be naif.

here phones are not in the table during dinners or lunch. advertising is not in big screens but in street collage. newspaper’s international section is a one page. and you don’t need to read the newspaper. nothing really happens to be noticeable beyond sharks and whales updates.

when you walk around the city, you feel you still could be everything you always wanted to be.

is like life was giving us a second chance.

a second chance to be serious about a hobby. a second chance to finally learn the lyrics of Wannabe beyond ‘if you wanna be my lover’.

or just a second chance to live your life as you want it to be.

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